Monday, 25 February 2013


finally my dream has come true. this was I had been longing to do.
tropical weather, nice people, yummy food,,,everything was perfect for me.
if I had to choose a country to live I would definitely choose thailand.
I think I should be there. there is what I want in thai.
you know where I live now its tokyo is such a busiest country in the world.
sometimes being here makes me feel so stressed and depressed. its not I should be. all the time I have been considering about it.
what is I really want to get? yeah of course I need money however if I stayed in this country I would feel like I am living for making money. that's not what I want. I wanna work for living.
when I went to thai there was a real life. thats what I wanted. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

next trip

from tomorrow I am going to Thailand with my family.
Ive been longing to visit this country since I was a student. why I longed to be there is especially the food.
I love thai food.
I heard from my friend who already has been there before that food in thai everything includes coriander.
to be honest I hate it. so im afraid of that. hahaha..
anyway when I come back to japan I must post pics of my trip!

these photos are my past trips with my family!

in Barcelona 


in Korea

in Vietnam 

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Today was my grandma's birthday.
She turned 75 today. But I think she doesn't look like that age. Looks more younger.
I've gave her photo stand and picture of me and her in it. And the letter .
When she read my letter she said
"Oh I'm going to cry."
Then I saw her tears. I've saw her crying is only few times in my life. She never show her crying front of us.
But today I saw her crying I just felt she got old. Everything is cos of age.

In the near future I want her to see me get married and have a baby.


Well, its not about SNAIL its about "NAILS" .
Anyway Look how nice it is!! I don't know what to call this technic in English actually. But in Japanese it's called " French nail" I don't know why it's called like this way exactly though.
My sweet girl Akina did it to me! It took 4 hours. But it's fine during she was doing it to me we were just chatting and chatting. Sometimes singing creepy songs haha!

Finally I've got such beautiful nails in the end hahaha
I really thank her always about nails. She does it to me for free every time.
I need to reply for her kindness somehow. Does anyone have good idea??

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

my ideal dresses

since I attended my friends wedding party, can't stop thinking about my ideal wedding dresses.
yeah I know its too hasty but you know thinking about wedding is kinda sweet dream for girls.

there are some my ideal wedding dresses.
first of all, i don't want gorgeous one. just simple.

this one is from 1920 or something like that I guess. it doesnt have full skirt, just tight one.
and very delicate lace. if you wear this you must take care not be stuck in something!
I really like this kind of design. 

look, this one is super cute! i especially like this neckline. and these fluffy sleeves.
feels like a princess in fairy tale!
this ivory color is really my taste.

 theses are so tight. arms are covered by laces which I really want! I think there dresses make your body look thinner and make your legs look longer! 

every girl has their ideal wedding plan I think. and its the moment girls shines front of who they love.
it must be the best one for us!

Monday, 14 January 2013

the moment of happiness

one of members of our group which is called "monkey corps"(why its called is one of them is called monkey in us) married !!!! fuuuu♡ ( bride isn't called monkey. just let you know.)
we met in high school so it means we have been friends for 10 years already!
and she is the first person who get married in our corps.
it was the happiest moment in 2013! even 2013 just begun though!!
she gave us a piece of her happiness.
I just wish her best and happiness.

alright,who's next?

oh I couldn't get a bouquet ! haha just let you know.


chopped my hair on my own with scissors which are for paper! gahahahaaa!!!
if I set my heart on doing something  I cat stop myself, just wanna do it right now!
it works sometimes good sometimes bad.
but this time i made it ! it succeeded!
Im proud of myself from bottom of my heart!

Friday, 11 January 2013

my birthday

Oh 31st, Dec 2012, I turned 25.
Oh my god I'm no more young. Mentally I feel really young but physically am not.

On my birthday my mum booked a big cake for me. I was so impressed about that!! Thanks mommy!!
I swear I will be a good daughter forever And to be a person who is respected.

Jane Birkin