Wednesday, 16 January 2013

my ideal dresses

since I attended my friends wedding party, can't stop thinking about my ideal wedding dresses.
yeah I know its too hasty but you know thinking about wedding is kinda sweet dream for girls.

there are some my ideal wedding dresses.
first of all, i don't want gorgeous one. just simple.

this one is from 1920 or something like that I guess. it doesnt have full skirt, just tight one.
and very delicate lace. if you wear this you must take care not be stuck in something!
I really like this kind of design. 

look, this one is super cute! i especially like this neckline. and these fluffy sleeves.
feels like a princess in fairy tale!
this ivory color is really my taste.

 theses are so tight. arms are covered by laces which I really want! I think there dresses make your body look thinner and make your legs look longer! 

every girl has their ideal wedding plan I think. and its the moment girls shines front of who they love.
it must be the best one for us!


  1. I like the wedding dress of 20's jeje
    you must be pretty wearing it :D

    I'm sure u will enjoy that special moment in your life ;)
    and i wanna be there xxx

  2. I hope that day comes to two of us soon or later ;)