Sunday, 27 January 2013


Today was my grandma's birthday.
She turned 75 today. But I think she doesn't look like that age. Looks more younger.
I've gave her photo stand and picture of me and her in it. And the letter .
When she read my letter she said
"Oh I'm going to cry."
Then I saw her tears. I've saw her crying is only few times in my life. She never show her crying front of us.
But today I saw her crying I just felt she got old. Everything is cos of age.

In the near future I want her to see me get married and have a baby.


  1. Hi what a tender post!
    Say happy birthday to your grandma from me ;)
    you made a nice present for her.

    Im sure she will be in your special moments of the future ♡

  2. hey did u change ur thumb nail? i preferred previous one though :P
    im so proud of being her granddaughter :) yeah she must see me in white dress in the future.

    1. jeje yeah i changed it. i prefer that picture now :D

      your grandma will see you with a beautiful white dress ;) im sure