Tuesday, 8 January 2013


when i was living in London, I used to go to TOP SHOP once a week. it was kinda my routine to go look there.
as you know TOP SHOP in oxford circus is biggest one in the world and also it is the head shop.

In 1964, TOP SHOP was founded as a part of shop in Peter robinson which is a department store.
then in 1974, that small shop became independent of Peter robinson.
now it has grown to such a biggest clothing shop in the world.

what I like the most about it is it has many taste of style.
and everything is reasonable. I think its the most important stuff for girls.
" to get it cheap"

if i step into TOP SHOP in oxford circus I can stay there all day long.
if you are a TOP SHOP lover you must check in LONDON'S ONE !!

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