Monday, 7 January 2013

One of my sweet things

As I told you I very like traveling especially to abroad. Actually I work for travel company as a tour conductor in Japan. It's a dream job for me.
In 2012 I have been to 5 countries . US, Vietnam, Morocco, UK and Spain. I've been to Spain for about 6 times in my life why I go there such many times is for my boyfriend he lives in Spain. Before I meet him I had never been there at all. Since I met him in London I've been obsessed by Spain so much. Dunno why maybe cos of my boyfriend I guess. He made me interested in it. He had shown me lots of stunning places and things. Especially Granada has changed my world view totally. To find new things what I've never seen before give me so much inspiration and stimulation. And that's what I really need for living a full life.
To be with who I love and be in where I love are my perfect life plan.
What's yours?


  1. what a special post! I'm happy that u have put that beautiful pic.
    this summer u will come back again to Spain ;) 7 times!!
    we are gonna enjoy a lot!

    we have a lot of travels to do together this year xx

    1. I'm already excited about this summer:) oh my god can't wait! Anyway now u r on the plane must be sleeping or reading as u do usually hehe! Hope u get to ur town safe. Adios!