Saturday, 5 January 2013

outfit of past 2 days

one sunny day,normally i don't wear colored tights, but that day i felt really thrilled dunno why i chose these green tights. then i just realized "its not bad". i had been thinking that they didn't suit me at all.sometimes its better to throw your fixed idea away.

 tights:H&M spain
 skirt: vintage dior shoes: office UK

following day of first photo,that day was also sunny.bought leather skirt at vintage market in was just £20 or something.dont remember well though. and boots I'm wearing i got them maybe 5years ago.I have been wearing for 5 years! got from vintage shop in tokyo,the owner said they were found in france. been fixed again and again. i love boots! it will never change!!

 leather skirt: vintage market.70's
 straight wing tip boots: 70's vintage

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