Saturday, 5 January 2013

hi I am RENA!

hi I am Rena. vintage fashion.
the outfit of the picture above is half vintage half topshop.
i love UK fashion. thats why i used to live in London for 2 years for studying english.
when i was there i have been to a lot of vintage markets there. especially where i liked the most is "brick lane". if you walk around there u can find vintage shops and fashionistas!!!!

coat: top shop london
hat: vintage market london
shirts: fotgot. bought them many years ago
bottoms: top shop japan
boots: vintage
bag: vintage


  1. hi i like your blog!
    you have put the pictures of our travel to Granada :)
    im so happy to see them.

    see u xx

    1. hehe hola my baby :) thanks for checking mine.
      if u check it later u might find something lovely?♡

      good night sweetie ciao xx

  2. the URL of my blog:

    Enjoy it baby :)